Engage the students with ideas

Engage the students with ideas they can relate toUse visual aids (photos diagrams) on a PowerPoint to improve instructionUse the Board to write notes at the same pace as students writeUse textbook to enhance students reading skillsHave students recap what they just read to assess comprehensionProvide explanations verbally, visually, and graphicallyDemonstrate an actual phenomenon they just learned about (smog)Have students go home and find a way what they learned in the classroom is displayed outside, in their home, or in an aspect of their lifeIntroducing the lesson: Start with the PowerPoint slide of the sunset. Ask students «How many of you have ever seen a scene like this?» «What are the colors you normally see in a sunset?» «Why don’t we see these during the day time?» After fielding responses from students, switch to the next slide showing a diagram of the wavelengths from the sun, the layers of the atmosphere, and the sunsetting. The students prior knowledge is that the atmosphere is densest (thickest) near the Earth and it gradually thins out as you go higher and higher up.

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