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In fact, the concept of an oral vaccine expressed in plants (fruits and vegetables) for direct consumption by individuals is being examined as a possible solution to the spread of disease in underdeveloped countries, one that would greatly reduce the costs associated with conducting large scale vaccination campaigns. Work is currently underway to develop plant derived vaccine candidates in potatoes and lettuce for hepatitis B virus (HBV), enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC), and Norwalk virus. Scientists are also looking into the production of other commercially valuable proteins in plants, such as spider silk protein and polymers that are used in surgery or tissue replacement (Ma et al., 2003). Cheap Jerseys china INMAN Nicholas "Nick" A. Schmidt, 88, died Feb. 27, 2017, at Pleasant View Home, Inman. Suddenly she turned and quickly went further into the building. So much for handicap cards and parking and the respect some people give it. That is my beef!. 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