Pretty sure this constitutes as false advertising


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YSL Replicas "Once someone starts asking questions, the mother is in the position where she wants to prove what she is saying is true. She wants to show that the child is having the problems she is describing."If their versions of a child's medical history and symptoms are challenged, as was the case with Spears, a parent with this disorder may switch doctors or hospitals, move {Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica YSL Bags, or step up the abuse.In hindsight, experts say, Spears displayed classic signs of Munchausen lying compulsively, exaggerating Garnett's illnesses on social media, giving vague explanations of his symptoms, inaccurate depictions of his medical history and moving frequently. The feeding tube Garnett had most of his life, and the parade of doctors and hospitals his mother brought him to, also point to the syndrome."They only use their child as an object, a tool to satisfy their own needs," Lasher said.Much of the saga began as it ended with questions about the feeding tube."That's an avenue for medical chaos," said Dr. YSL Replicas

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