The only reason Skipscreen shows this page on top of ours is


The third jersey, which is an updated version of a former road sweater, will be worn on selected home and road dates throughout the 2000 01 season. Striping on the jersey will follow, as previously, a red and white striping pattern on black, with the added twist of gold striping on sleeves and at the bottom opening. The agent for Robert Reichel, who sat out last season in a contract dispute with the Phoenix Coyotes, is hoping his client will be traded by a Saturday deadline so he can return to the NHL next season..

A MediaFire spokesperson counters that the company has no issue with scripts like Greasemonkey which allow automation. SkipScreen, the spokesperson said in an e mail, its own page on top of our page and then shows its own ads to the user effectively preventing the user from using our file sharing system or browsing more files. The only reason Skipscreen shows this page on top of ours is so they can display their own ads (Google ads)..

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