No disrespect to Ryan, who I also admire, but the Ryan Cameron


Trotter, 54, passed away a year after closing his namesake Chicago restaurant that was credited with putting his city at the vanguard of the food world and training dozens of the nation's top chefs, including Grant Achatz and Graham Elliot.Neighbors on Charlie Trotter's DeathRenowned celebrity chef dead at 54. Michelle Relerford reports. (Published Tuesday, Nov.

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pandora necklaces Road. Road. Samy Road. All in all, I commend the man for at least TRYING to get syndicated. And he did all this while maintaining a 1 morning show for 12 or so years! Even when he left, the ratings tumbled so bad that they brought back his partner (Wanda) and entire format. No disrespect to Ryan, who I also admire, but the Ryan Cameron morning show is basically the Frank Ski morning show WITHOUT Frank Ski. pandora necklaces

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