Parking at Ladd Peebles, shuttlesParking will be limited at


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wholesale jerseys A driver told police he was intentionally rear ended. Instead of pulling over, the driver led the other car to the nearby St. Charles County Police Department. Here's everything you need to know about the event.Parking at Ladd Peebles, shuttlesParking will be limited at Ladd Peebles Stadium and people are asked to carpool and arrive early to get a spot.Mayor office representatives said there will be shuttles to the event.You can park at Hank Aaron Stadium or at the Mobile Civic Center at a cost of $5.00 for either location to take the shuttle to Ladd Peebles.Some 30,000 people are expected to turn out for the event some of them supporting the businessman turned candidate, others looking for Friday night entertainment and many just wanting to satisfy their curiosity about the presidential hopeful.What you can bring in the stadiumThough there is a chance of rain Cheap Jerseys free shipping, you cannot bring umbrellas, but ponchos may be a good alternative.Stadium representatives said outside beverages and coolers will not be allowed, but concessions are available.You may bring stadium chairs, cameras, and binoculars.About the pollsTrump is leading the Republican polls but according to CNN, Trump is 6 points behind Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton in the overall polls. The next weeks and months come with uncertainty in the polls as candidates make their campaigning rounds.Moving Alabama primary up one week, it seems has made Alabama a bigger player in this election, already attracting a slew of Republican candidates more than six months away from Alabama primary.In the next week there are five candidates coming to Alabama Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush.Governor Robert Bentley recently endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich. Several reporters and photographers will bring you team coverage of the event online and on air throughout the afternoon and evening.All content 2015, WALA; Mobile, AL wholesale jerseys.