"On the day we had so much fun getting pampered in hair and


Maureen graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Teaching and later took master's level classes at the University of Texas in Arlington. Maureen was an active member of the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth and later the First United Methodist Church of Hurst where she was also a member of the choir. Maureen loved to sing, play bridge, take art and jewelry making classes and spend time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren..

silicone mould Adjacent to Bartholomew Park Winery's tasting room is a small museum with a comprehensive exhibit that details viticultural practices and the history of the winery and the surrounding area. My face was a mess and I was in a coma for a week." It was after his year long struggle to recover that Paul finally plucked up the courage to ask Rachel out on a date.He'd had a crush on her for years but hadn't had the nerve to ask her out."I used to chat to Rachel as she worked in my local shop and I'd always thought she was gorgeous, but could never pluck up the courage to ask her out," says Paul. "Surviving the crash gave me a much needed kick up the backside and after our first drink together I knew she was the girl I wanted to marry."Rachel was delighted when Paul asked her to marry him on New Year's Eve, but thought it would be years until they would be able to afford a wedding. "Paul kept saying we needed to save up so he could give me the wedding I deserved," she says."So when I found out we'd won and would be getting married in three weeks I was so shocked."Rachel couldn't wait to tell her bridesmaids her sisters Emma, 21 and Samantha plastic mould, 17, Paul's sister Anna, 30, and Paul's daughter from a previous relationship, Layla, four."On the day we had so much fun getting pampered in hair and make up," Rachel says."My mum found it hard to take it all in. silicone mould

cake decorations supplier Fred Ball:Fred is being recognized for his involvement in environmental issues in Cobourg. He has been involved with or in charge of the fish lift at Cobourg Creek for more than 25 years. Fred puts in many hours of work preparing each year for the lift and organizing it. cake decorations supplier

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fondant tools Kids won't be left out of the fun: clowns and Santa Claus will make the rounds at the marketplace, and there will be Christmas goodies galore, frombuttery baked desserts to homemade jams. All proceeds from the Bazaar will be donated to numerous charities and civic projects, to be selectedby the organization's Donation Research committee. Afew doors down, clothing shop Affix will host kid friendly entertainment with gRey the mime, who will delightthe little ones with bubbles and clowning around (5 7pm) fondant tools.