Her current patients often have low mobility and cannot reach


Clinton is rightfully chastising the fbi because comey actions are downright suspicious. They had the information for a month and are only now releasing it just before the election. Comey, it should be noted, is a republican who previously angered his party when he said clinton was careless with her emails, but that her actions did not rise to the level of a crime.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china When she worked in a traditional health care facility, Jessica MacLeod opened doors for patients in wheelchairs but said she never considered what it took to get them to that door.For the last four years, MacLeod has worked from the road, visiting patients who have chronic or acute illnesses and are "homebound or home limited" because of it.Her current patients often have low mobility and cannot reach primary care physicians because it is "absolutely exhausting for them and their families" to get to a clinic, MacLeod said. Getting ready, getting in a wheelchair Cheap Jerseys free shipping, finding transportation and then sitting in a lobby or waiting room can be especially tiring for someone with a lung condition or chronic arthritis."I had never thought about those things, and now I think about those things every day," she said.MacLeod is one of four family nurse practitioners with MD2U who makes house calls to patients who otherwise might not be able to access health care. Her work was the subject of a documentary called "The Invisible Patients"."These are people who would otherwise find it really difficult to get to a traditional clinic," MacLeod said.Meeting patients where they live gives them a chance to open up to her. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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