"My first call out in the Panda Cross was to someone who lived


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Replica Prada With my interest piqued pradabagsuk.net, we took our Panda Cross down to the Stoke Mandeville Ambulance Station in Aylesbury, Bucks Prada Outle, to find out more.Gary has been a CFR volunteer for around four years, and he explained: "We provide early and often vital intervention for patients suffering life threatening emergencies, using life saving skills and equipment like an automated external defibrillator."Up until a couple of weeks ago, Gary had to use his own vehicle when on a call out, but thanks to some serious fundraising Cheap Prada handbags, the South Central Ambulance Service now has a fully liveried and kitted out Panda Cross. And it fits the bill perfectly, according to Gary."My first call out in the Panda Cross was to someone who lived up a rutted track, which would have taken its toll on my own car," he said. "But the Panda took it all in its stride and got me there safely and quickly."Like our Fiat, the South Central Ambulance Service's car features the gutsy two cylinder turbo TwinAir petrol engine, which is great when you have to get somewhere fast Replica Prada.