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Hunters selected for a hunting site, either by the computerized drawing or by the hand held vacancy drawing, must possess a confirmation number while hunting at the site. Sites may not be hunted unless at least one hunter selected for that site and hunt period is present. No more than five hunters may hunt from any hunting site.

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In order to understand how exactly this worked, the research team converted the molecules into a gaseous state and fired (UVB) radiation at them using a laser. They found that sinapate esters are capable of soaking up radiation at every wavelength across the UVB spectrum. With such remarkable capabilities, a coating of the esters on plants doesn't even have to be thick, which is why it is difficult to notice on the leaves of most flora..

Nonspecific abdominal discomfort and dyspnea may occur with massive ascites, but lesser amounts are usually asymptomatic. The diagnosis is made clinically by detecting shifting dullness on abdominal percussion, though US or CT scan can detect much smaller amounts of fluid. In advanced cases the belly is taut, the umbilicus is flat or everted, and a fluid wave can be elicited.