Men and boys wait for their turn in Buffalo's public bath, 1901


One still open quarrying area is along Amherst Street as it approaches Bailey Avenue coming from Main Street.In 1895 Canada Goose Sale, Buffalo's two public baths one at the foot of S. Michigan Avenue, one at the foot of Porter Avenue were "small box like arrangements," more or less "dilapidated, dirty, and disgraceful" sheds.Street urchins and pickpockets would use the places, it was said, but no respectable boy or man would be seen there where a nickel would provide use of a locker and a pair of "bathing pants.""Buffalo is deplorably, disgracefully deficient in public baths," wrote the Courier. Especially during winter months, when bathing alternatives were needed, working men couldn't afford the luxury of the widely available $1 Turkish baths.City leaders took the health crisis and turned it into one of the nation's first public welfare programs.Men and boys wait for their turn in Buffalo's public bath, 1901.

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