An 1882 visitor to the former site of Archer


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Cheap Jerseys from china Officials say that by law, cars are required to move over when they see emergency responders. "That was not the case on Friday. People deliberately got in our way. Archer's post office closed in July 1865, and on Feb. 10, 1866, the territorial Legislature officially vacated the plat and incorporation of Archer. An 1882 visitor to the former site of Archer, purportedly once the home of several dozen cabins and an optimistically estimated population nearing 300, was then "part of a farm and knows no streets save the ridges between the corn rows." Today the only surviving remnant of Richardson County's first county seat is the Archer cemetery in a ravine north of the old townsite in Section 36 of Ohio Township between 708 and 709 Roads just east of 653 Avenue, though only a few graves and markers have survived, with most being moved to Falls City.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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