San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener held a hearing Monday


Though the Wanderers' start up job could hardly be described as easier than the rent a crisis Newcastle role, the heart works in mysterious ways and football sucked him back in. ''What can I say, I'm a western Sydney boy through and through. When I took the job, I certainly wasn't going to let this club fail,'' he said.

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wholesale nfl jerseys 64.San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener held a hearing Monday with the cannabis legalization task force to help prepare the city if the measure passes.One concern is where to put additional pot clubs or stores."If you are not thoughtful about the zoning, if you are reactive, if you rush and don do the analysis you could end up with problems by over regulating or under regulating Cheap Jerseys free shipping," said Wiener.At Green Cross, the owner says prop 64 would make existing medical marijuana virtually obsolete.Why get a medical card if you don have to."Some of the biggest challenges facing San Francisco will have is whether to decide to turn its medical cannabis dispensers into recreational dispensaries so they can serve other purposes," said Reed.San Francisco could see a spike in tourism, but the city would need to decide where smoking pot in public would be allowed."If we are going to have a tourism industry here, we don want everyone walking out into the streets and firing up, so we are going to have to come up with places people can go," said Reed.There will be an enormous amount of work to do," said Wiener.Prop. 64 wouldn take effect until January of 2018, giving cities a little over a year to gear up.If voters approve Prop. 64, California is expected to get an estimated $1.4 billion in additional taxes wholesale nfl jerseys.