"LeGarie said the return of the D League Select team at the


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wholesale jerseys from china We're thrilled to have them back."LeGarie said while it may be tempting to expand beyond 24 teams in Las Vegas, he said that number is perfect for the current format."My fear is that if we went beyond 24, we'd be hurting the quality of play and we don't want to do that," he said. "And for the tournament portion of summer league, 24 is he ideal number."LeGarie said the return of the D League Select team at the expense of an established NBA tam is something the summer league believes is worth doing."The D League team represents what the summer league is all about chasing hopes and dreams Cheap Jerseys china," LeGarie said. "They've done very well and I can't see us not having them with us every year.". wholesale jerseys from china

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