20) The bacon was thick and he wished he had ordered it crispy


People with heart shaped faces should wear straight across the brow and hairline. The crown shouldn't be narrower than the width of the cheekbones. If the wearer has a big nose, wear hats forward on the face, rather than the back of the head. They asked everyone what they thought the temperature of the room was, pretending that building maintenance needed to know for repairs. Those who recalled lonely times perceived the room to be colder than those summoning up happy memories. Loneliness actually makes us feel cold!.

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cheap hats We asked our server what the most popular waffle was, and he told us the pecan or the blueberry. That is all my guest had to hear. He ordered a blueberry waffle ($2.20) with a side of bacon ($3.20) The bacon was thick and he wished he had ordered it crispy, which would not have been hard to do since we were able to watch everything being prepared. cheap hats

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