2016 featured the patch on the left side


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wholesale nfl jerseys "The inherent problem is the lack of stage space and seats in the cultural center that precludes us from bringing in the major hits," Mr. Nicosia said. "But this was definitely a test, and. KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) Spring Training workouts are 10 days away and with that, the Kansas City Royals unveiled what their players will be wearing during their time in Arizona.The Royals originally added the crown above the KC logo on their Spring Training caps after they took the crown in 2015, that crown will remain.The entirety of the uniform will look similar to that of 2016 and fans will need to look closely to see any difference.Both the jerseys and the caps will have a patch with the letters AZ in the middle and the Major League Baseball logo and the year at the top, similar to last year. The only differences will be the color of the patch, gold with brown trim, and the location on the cap. 2016 featured the patch on the left side, while 2017 caps will have the patch on the right side.The names and numbers on the back of the jersey will also have small differences. wholesale nfl jerseys

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