Alack, Accounting; Jonathan P


Adams, Criminal Justice; Kristin K. Alack, Accounting; Jonathan P. Andrews, Marketing; Adam C. I found Tim Labatte, and in his telling, the whole thing sounded fairly easy. "The teams get four tries to advance 10 yards, and if they don't make it, it's the other team's turn." His son Bryce is a linebacker for the Sunset Apollos. A linebacker? I did not know what that was.

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"We had a good season last year, we get around each other and are great mates on and off the field, that helps. Some days you have a bad day and you have the lads there who can get you back up. We talk about bowling partnerships, if the other bloke is doing well, you just want to dry it up at the other end and help him out as much as you can.".

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