These men have spent the day riding with us


After retirement, Andy lived in Palo Alto and in Chatham. Cape Cod provided an abundance of subject matter for his photography: birds, Monomoy, lighthouses, horseshoe crabs, and stunning portraits of family and guests. An avid sailor, he passed his love of sailing on to his children and grandchildren, and the houses have regularly been filled to over flowing with friends and family.

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The union representing nearly 600 workers had been on strike since Sept. 22. The strike idled 578 drivers, dock workers, office workers and mechanics about 40 percent of the Auburn based company workforce. 12Larry Mosey No. 14 Bob Casale No. 17.EVERGREENWomen's League: (Oct.

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"I don't use taxpayers' money to travel," Collins says via email. "We very seldom get feedback from Council trips, and most of the information is available through social media. Council members will tell you it's to develop better relationships with other politicians.

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