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cheap jerseys He's just spent the day with Mary, he knows her history with the place, and he admits that he hasn't been back to where Manato died, so why would he be so insensitive as to suggest they go there? Even if we look at his mention of the mine as just being musing out loud, why didn't he shut Ranta down when he seized on the idea? It feels uncharacteristically insensitive for the character Haruhiro has become, reading more like a device to move the plot forward than an organic decision.Be that as it may, the mine is where they're headed next week. With Mary believably shaken (the shot of Yume comforting her with a hand on her back is lovely) and the knowledge of the kobold lurking in the depths, this is either shaping up to be another tragic event or a hurdle for the group to overcome in their training and development. Either way, I hope it is less lackluster than this week cheap jerseys.