" Tenzer explains that the economic downturn led to an


"Hats are becoming very important," says Avi Tenzer supreme Snapbacks, design director for Aldo Group. "Before, we just had one or two (hats). But, now, accessories are booming." Tenzer explains that the economic downturn led to an increased interest in accessories, particularly among younger generations.

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new era hats outlet So the case went to another trial, and the girls, now grown up, were called in to testify again. This time the state did not bring the "jailhouse snitch" witness to trial, because his testimony did not seem to add much, and the first jury did not put much stock in his testimony, said Dave McEachran, the prosecutor. McEachran does not believe that leaving that witness out of the second trial had any adverse effect on the case new era hats outlet.