So I devised a new travel rule: if the journey took 10 hours


Moving forward, the Warriors believe that in order to do well in the playoffs they will have to stay focused. As young as they are, that has been the challenge for them. Brookwood hopes that this year has set a foundation not only for the games in the near future, but for the years to come..

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BRIC is pleased to present Look up here, I'm in heaven, a group exhibition of unconventional portraits featuring paintings, works on paper, and mixed media work by David Antonio Cruz, Yashua Klos, Tschabalala Self, and Yoon Ji Seon. Genres are cut up and new materials enter the conversation, unraveling the traditional understanding of portraiture as a singular representation of an individual. By countering old narratives which had long framed the representation of persons of color of privilege and exclusion, vulnerability and typecasting the four artists foreground their diverse perspectives and question how identity unfolds..

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