Just decided to throw it on net from the goal like and I was


Probable starter for Trenton: RHP Jose Ramirez (1 2, 2.59) opened his season with a four inning save but has made six straight starts since. The 23 year old, the Yankees' No. 16 prospect, picked up his first win in his last start, allowing three runs in 5.2 innings at Bowie.

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In your first year it one thing you think of in the back of your head every day so it was a pretty special moment to get the first one, said Chyzowksi. Just decided to throw it on net from the goal like and I was lucky enough that it went in. Medicine Hat top import draft pick in the off season, added his point shot took a lucky bounce in to the back of the net to open the scoring, but he take it and the victory all the same.felt amazing, said Rubins.

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